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Coastal Water Protection Using Masonry

This project took a lot of thought and consideration as the property was already so beautiful with its astonishing views. By adding three walls to surround the property (for water protection), we had to be on our A-game as we wanted to enhance the aesthetic of the property and not take away from it (or the views).

The step-down of the side block walls along with a poured front wall with a poured, burnt -finished cap on top were all details that added character and flow to the masonry work. In addition, we poured floating concrete steps and incorporated travertine stone work along the front wall.

We added our own artistic vision through the use of the travertine tile, which met the stucco in a rustic Mediterranean design that followed the style of the home. This project took a lot of focus, vision, and hard work as no machinery could be brought in, and everything had to be dug and poured by hand.

Top Tier Masonry was even a part of the final landscaping design and implementation as well as the complete drainage system installation that was created to allow water to escape the property when and if needed but also prevent it from coming in during periods of flooding. 


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